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Come Join us and celebrate our 29th Anniversary. Saturday April 1st and Sunday April 2nd. Online code for the event will be AV29.
Come Join us and celebrate our 29th Anniversary. Saturday April 1st and Sunday April 2nd. Online code for the event will be AV29.
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370 Main St. North, Brampton Ontario, L6V 4A4


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Saturday April 1st and Sunday April 2nd

Come celebrate with us for our 29th anniversary! Online Code is AV29


Spiritual Insights

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    September 15, 2022

    Soy Wax Candle Burning Tips

    FIRST BURN Candles have memories so it is important when lighting your candle for the first time to let it burn until the wax melts to the outer edge of the jar.  This will ensure you get the cleanest burn...

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  • Herbs & Their Uses
    July 27, 2022

    Herbs & Their Uses

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    July 27, 2022


      Many crystals are fragile or friable.  Crystals that are layered or clustered can separate.  Crystals such as Selenite are water soluble.  Polished surfaces or natural points are easily scratched or damaged.  Tumbled stones are more durable.   You can keep...

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Always the most Impeccable Service ✨💖 My son has Autism and they were ABSOLUTE ANGELS with him 🤩🤩 Thank YOU Earthworks for making this visit such a breeze, we WILL be back.. often 🤣🙌🌞🌼

Zoe Burger

Great selection of gem stones and tons of other spiritual wares, including books, jewellery, instruments, incense and gifts.

Ron Boyd - Local Guide

This is my absolute favorite place! I love going in here and spending lots of time looking around from crystals to incense to witch Craft spirit animals anything you can think of. I just love it

Erica File - Local Guide

This place has been around for years and only grown in popularity. I love the owners enthusiasm and knowledge of everything and also love the huge selection of curated goods they carry. Don't be afraid to give them a call or visit their website for more information. The place is very cozy yet holds so many trinkets that your eyes get lost. Get ready to wander for hours!!

Linda Kamaev - Local Guide

I love this store! It has so much to offer. You can browse in here for hours! I had a reading with a psychic medium Jan. It was really great, she was extremely accurate about who i am and the direction i needed to go. I would recommend going to see her!

Amber McDaniels

This is one of my favorite places in the world.
It is full of quiet character, hard working people of spirit.
It's a place of healing, of incredible vision, and has one of the best assortments of crystal's and stone's to date, I've the pleasure to put eye's on.
The pieces all have knowledgeable write ups as far as sentient geography, or spiritual connotation, with eclectic gathering. There's beads, and very high end jewelry from across the planet and all Continent's, hand crafted, tumbled, or raw. This is not just an ordinary exhibition of beautiful, it is and has been an ordaining of love, in a small hidden nook...

Aaron Duggan - Local Guide