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We will be celebrating our 30th Anniversary April 1st 2024! Save the Date!
We will be celebrating our 30th Anniversary April 1st 2024! Save the Date!

Reader Giselle


Crystal Healer, Sound Healer, Meditation Coach, Akashic/Medium/Channeller, Oracle Card Reader. workshops & events. Spiritual life coach, Psychic

Giselle has been working in the healing world for over 2 years. Her ancient knowledge and divine connection to the cosmos has been in her family lineage. Welcome to your enlightened journey. We are connected to a multiverse no matter what religion or belief system exists. There is an endless supply of abundance for everyone to enjoy


Friday March 1st, 8th  4:30pm-8pm
 Saturday March 9th  10am-6pm
Saturday March 23rd  1pm-6pm


Oracle Card Reading

30min or 1hr $55.00 per half hour
Card reading is an ancient gateway to ask our guides for advice or possible outcomes. Oracle cards offer personalized suggestions to overcome current situations with divine healing connections. Get your answers! Fun way to spark motivation and inspiration by bringing powerful light into your life.

Decks : Magical Unicorns, Dragon, Messages from the Mermaids, Earth Magic

Crystal Healing

1hr ( with debrief) $110


Crystal Healing Mini Energy Boost 30 minutes for $60.00

A Crystal Healer Practitioner is experienced with sustaining protection energy like a force field for both the client and healer. During a session crystals are used as tools for a peaceful experience to energetically activate the clients mind, body and soul or chakras for either grounding, removing excess energy or programming desired energy.

This is a 2 phase session. First is to relax and ground the body with earth aroma energy and sound. The second is the crystal prescription layout to implement desired crystal energy. Clients may experience akashic records, upgrades or visions during the treatment or simply a relaxation experience. Follow up session is scheduled within 2-3weeks.

Full Treatment:

1st Session, 2nd Session in 2-3 wks , 3rd session 2-3 wks, 4th session 4 wks.

Sound Healing

1hr ( with debrief) $110.00+hst

Discover the benefits of sound healing therapy. One-on-one sessions available in person. You will experience harmonious vibrations from the singing crystal bowls, Tibetan brass bowls, rattle, drum, flute and crystal pyramid. We start with a relaxing short guided meditation to ease into your sound experience. Vibrations are frequencies to open or move blocked channels in the body, mind and soul.


Either use for relaxation sessions or full treatment.

Full Treatment:

1st Session, 2nd Session in 2-3 wks , 3rd session 2-3 wks, 4th session 4 wks.
Spiritual Consultation
30 minutes $55+hst

Here is your opportunity to ask questions about spirit guides, loved ones who have passed, past lives & realms, ESP abilities, Akashic records, Starseed family, Angelic connections, how to protect your home or crystal energy information and more.  A card spread may be used or other tools, but this is not a card reading session. 

Please be on time for your appointment with your practitioner.

Late appointments may be moved or have to be cancelled and rescheduled. Please be respectful of your practitioner's and other client's times.


Our mission is to provide you with a reading with a psychic medium, or to aid you in learning more about your spirituality. We will do our best to see you through a positive guidance.  However, if you are requesting information relating to a professional matter we suggest that you seek advice from a relevant expert.


Legal Matters - legal practitioners
Medical Matters - Health Professional
Business Questions - Financial Advisor/ Accountant

Earthworks will not be held liable for any stress or loss of income caused by any persons or events incurred in the process of providing a service to the client.  Please note that psychic/tarot/oracle readings do not constitute legal, financial, or professional advice.  By engaging in a reading with any psychic you adhere to the fact that they do not diagnose illness, including questions pertaining to pregnancy and death and waive all ability to file a law suit against either Earthworks or the Practitioner.