Reader Mona


Shamanic Reiki $55+hst per half hour
Belvaspata $55+hst per half hour
Crystal Healing $55+hst per half hour
Angel Card Reading $50+hst per half hour
Psychic Mediumship $50+hst per half hour
Intuitive Reading $50+hst her half hour
Energy Healing $55+hst per half hour
Reiki Healing $55+hst per half hour


Monday February 11th, 25th  2pm-6pm
Tuesday February 5th, 12th, 26th  3pm-8pm
Thursday February 14th  3pm-8pm
Friday February 8th, 22nd   2pm-6pm
Friday February 15th 12pm-6pm
Saturday February 9th, 16th, 23rd 12pm-6pm

My name is Mona Ashim, I am a caring, kind, and compassionate being.  I would honestly say I wear my heart on my sleeve and have love for everyone. I tend to go the extra mile to help another soul.  I am certified in various healing modalities, such as reiki, shamanic reiki, belvaspata this is using a higher frequency to connect with the angels. Crystal healing, house clearings, I am also a trained medium, angel  card reader and I also do readings using just my intuition in order to help provide you the answers to your questions.  From a very young age I wanted to help the world, in every way I could.   I had a determination and a drive to accomplish things.  Today, the same passion and drive exists,   I have had many teachings from different schools of thought, and have opened myself up to a vast amount of spiritual teachings.  I am willing to help another soul as best as I can.


Shamanic Reiki - shamanism and reiki are powerful energies, and when combined it amplifies the power.  When working with Shamans this reiki has the power to heal and release ancestral ties, family dynamics and so much more.

Belvaspata - is a higher frequency of angels, it is the healing modality of enlightenment it helps to create and support purification.  This is truly and angelic touch.  It's the lightest and most pure form of healing.

Crystal Healing - this helps to align the chakra balance and get rid of the gunk stuck in each chakra.  Mona will also lighten your energy by "fluffing" it up so to speak.

Angel Card Reading - Using angel cards and connecting with the angels and guides.  Giving you the answers you need for your best and highest good in the present moment.  This will help you shape the outcome in the future.  This will only help you if you actually follow through with what they suggest to you.  We can focus on a few questions or do a general reading.  Which ever you prefer.  Ope your self up to the energies of the angels and see how they can guide you  along your path.

Psychic Mediumship - connecting with your loved ones that have crossed over, in my school of training mediumship is proof of life and not so much guidance although at times they do sometimes provide guidance.  And sometimes the message is simply I am here.

Intuitive Reading -  is connecting with your guides and the reader's guides, to deliver the answer to the question you may have, and also answering for your best and highest good.

Energy Healing - this healing is many different healing combined into one, it is guided from spirit above, as the healing takes place, things are guided to be brought in as it is needed.

 Reiki Healing - Usui reiki energy is a gentle energy that flows through the body, and used to heal the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual body.