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We will be closed Monday October 9th for Thanksgiving
We will be closed Monday October 9th for Thanksgiving

Reader Rho


Medium/Intuitive Reading $65+hst per half hour
Usui Reiki $65+hst per half hour
Runes Reading only:  $65.00+hst per half hour (Runes differ from Medium/Intuitive reading.  It is strictly only using Runes and Channeled Writing.  Two direct questions can be asked in a half hour meet with clarification and guidance provided.)
Akashic Records $160+hst per hour and $180+hst per 1.5 hours.  ( A brief mediation is required to open the records.) Note:  30 minute readings are not available for Akashic Record Readings.)


Tuesday October 10th, 24th  10am-3pm
Thursday October 19th, 26th  10am-3pm
Saturday October 21st  11am-5pm
Sunday October 15th  12pm-5pm

Rho has had a connection to the spirit world all her life.  The memory of her first contact with a spirit happened at the tender age of 7.   It was a solid apparition that emerged out of a wall and began to walk towards her. The spirit tried to speak to her, but she was too scared to listen and ran away as any 7- year-old most likely would!  It wasn't until her early adult life that she opened up to her experiences and discovered that these spirits were seeking her help to either pass along messages, guide their loved ones through current obstacles or were seeking to be crossed over. 

So began Rho’s journey to study different spiritual subject matters. This knowledge led her to begin conducting readings for friends and family, but it would be another 10 years before she had the courage to share her gift with the outside world.  Her philosophy is embracing that we are all one and through this philosophy Rho encourages everyone to discover their own path to connect to Divine to further their spiritual growth and transformation.  Rho uses several modalities to guide individuals to see patterns and obstacles so that they can independently better their lives and make better decisions.  The guidance used in her readings is to have individuals connect with the spirit world, encourage self-empowerment with the assistance of spirit and help enhance the soul. 

Rho’s Mediumship/Intuitive readings are conducted by opening the space to allow for an individual’s ancestors and friends who have passed to enter. Modalities used in the readings are runes, oracle cards and channeled writing.  The runes show Rho where you are at this moment in your life.  Oracle cards and channeled writing help with the reading to open up and provide more information.   By opening the third eye when conducting a reading, Rho can view upcoming events, past & present situations. 


Rho also assists by using Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are a “spiritual library”.  It is said that everyone has their own book in the Akashic Records where everything about one’s life and soul is written.  The Akashic Records are best used when someone is seeking a deeper guidance and understanding of the Higher Soul Self. Rho believes the Akashic Records provides a fuller awareness to the oneness with the Divine and all that encompasses.


Rho is an inquisitive life-long learner and is continuously moving through her spiritual journey, by expanding her knowledge and furthering her insight into the spiritual realm.

Please be on time for your appointment with your practitioner.

Late appointments may be moved or have to be cancelled and rescheduled. Please be respectful of your practitioner's and other client's times.


Our mission is to provide you with a reading with a psychic medium, or to aid you in learning more about your spirituality. We will do our best to see you through a positive guidance.  However, if you are requesting information relating to a professional matter we suggest that you seek advice from a relevant expert.
Legal Matters - legal practitioners
Medical Matters - Health Professional
Business Questions - Financial Advisor/ Accountant
Earthworks will not be held liable for any stress or loss of income caused by any persons or events incurred in the process of providing a service to the client.  Please note that psychic/tarot/oracle readings do not constitute legal, financial, or professional advice.  By engaging in a reading with any psychic you adhere to the fact that they do not diagnose illness, including questions pertaining to pregnancy and death and waive all ability to file a law suit against either Earthworks or the Practitioner.