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Tarot for Beginners

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Do you want to learn the secrets of the Tarot? Has it always fascinated you but seemed too complicated? Now you can learn to give excellent readings with any Tarot deck thanks to P. Scott Hollander's book, Tarot for Beginners. This book is written in plain English no weird language or arcane references so you can understand it. There is no need to know anything about any other occult subject. Just get any Tarot deck and this book, and you'll have all you need to give great Tarot readings. Each card is thoroughly described and explained. The explanation covers both the spiritual meanings so you can use the card for meditation and spiritual development and how to interpret the card when you are giving a reading. For example, when the seven of Wands is upright, it means financial gain or success. When reversed, it means you should consider this a warning not to hesitate. The two of Swords means friendship, union, or alliance unless it is reversed, in which case it means deceit, disloyalty, falsehood, or disorder. The High Priestess means wisdom, serenity, knowledge, and understanding when upright. If reversed, it means superficial knowledge or ignorance. This book is that straightforward and that easy. Of course, there's more to a reading than just knowing the meanings of the cards. You also need a format in which to associate the meanings of the cards. This is called the "layout" or "spread." The book gives three different spreads. It reveals how the spreads are used and then gives sample readings so you can learn by example. This is the ideal introduction to the Tarot for people who want to learn how to use this divinatory system. Get a deck and this book, and you can be reading the Tarot in no time!