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Meditation for Beginners

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Break the barrier between your conscious and unconscious minds. Perhaps the greatest boundary we set for ourselves is the one between the conscious and less conscious parts of our own minds. We all need a way to gain deeper understanding of what goes on inside our minds when we are awake, asleep, or just not paying attention. Meditation is one way to pay attention long enough to find out.

Meditation for Beginners offers a step-by-step approach to meditation, with exercises that introduce you to the rich possibilities of this age-old spiritual practice. Improve concentration, relax your body quickly and easily, work with your natural healing ability, and enhance performance in sports and other activities. Just a few minutes each day is all that's needed. - Contains step-by-step meditation exercises - Shows how to develop a consistent meditation effort in just a few minutes each day - Explores many different ways to meditate, including kundalini yoga, walking meditation, dream meditation, tarot meditations, healing meditation. Winner of a 2003 Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Award for Best Alternative Health Book