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We will be closed on Monday May 20th for Holiday.

All About Dreams

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Falling, flying, making love to a stranger, being naked in public – we’ve all woken up, wondering ‘Why did I dream that?’ In this lively and thorough guide to the world of night time fantasies, nightmares, and visions, dream specialist Gayle Delaney helps readers interpret, understand, and direct their dreaming. Drawing together dream history and the latest techniques, she lets readers in on the most fascinating new thinking about dream interpretation and explains how the ancients used and understood dreams. Delaney shows readers how to live their dreams and direct what they dream about and when. She also offers a complete resource guide of ‘dream-y’ books and tapes, study groups, and web sites. From a fascinating survey of dream history – Aristotle to Jung – to the stunning new ways business, arts, science, and health care use dreamwork today, Delaney presents an enchanting – and practical – dream ‘bible’ sure to find a place on the shelf of every curious, fascinated dreamer.