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Tea Leaf Fortune-Telling Cards

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Packaged in a lovely keepsake box, this set provides an innovative method for divining your future.

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards set offers an innovative system for reading with 200 beautifully illustrated cards depicting the traditional tea leaf symbols. The 98-page guidebook explains how to divine fortunes using tea leaves or Tea Leaf Fortune Cards.

Rae Hepburn, an accomplished tea leaf reader, teaches you to unlock the ancient secrets of reading tea leaves. Follow a few simple guidelines, and you can immediately read your fortune.

Set includes 200 round, symbol cards; drawstring pouch; and 98-page illustrated guidebook. "I absolutely LOVE it, not only is the coloring appealing but I really like the round shape and the fact that the book goes into an explanation of just how to read tea leaves. The book is an excellent intro into tea leaf reading and gives some great examples of actual readings. I think this will be a popular deck!" -- Liz Christy