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Damiana Approximately 10g

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Damiana leaves are used by many folks for Luck in Love Affairs. Damiana is called the Love Herb because it is said to make women willing and to make men ready and increase their nature -- and for this reason, we hear that married couples use it to aid in satisfying conjugal relations. According to some authors, if you sprinkle damiana on the food of the one you love, it will intensify desire. Others use it in an herbal bath to attract new love. It is also said that if you carry damiana in a flannel bag, your straying lover will return to you. Another way we have heard to make your lover return is to soak damiana leaves  in whiskey or wine and sprinkle the liquid on your doorstep for 21 days, starting on the full moon.

Discover the Magical Uses of Herbs

- Burn over charcoal in your rituals
- Add to sacred baths
- Sew into charms, spell bags, dream pillows and sachets
- Offer to deities, spirits and Fae

Metaphysical properties of herbs are provided for informational purposes only and not outcome is guaranteed. Our herbs are not intended for internal consumption