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We will be closed on Monday May 20th for Holiday.
We will be closed on Monday May 20th for Holiday.

Chakra Incense Gift Pack

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Includes 1 pack of each chakra incense and a burner.

 The 1st Chakra (root): Centers upon your core need for survival, security and livelihood. Without a balanced root chakra, it is impossible to fully balance the other chakras.

The 2nd chakra (sacral): Influences personal creativity from artistic expression to creative problem solving.

The 3rd Chakra (solar plexus): Strongly influences your identity and sense of self worth

The 4th Chakra (heart): Influences the ability to give and receive love in a health way and cope with sadness from betrayals, breakup, and death of a loved one.

The 5th Chakra (throat): Influences your ability to communicate your thoughts, opinions, desires and feelings and the ability to hear, listen and understand

The 6th Chakra (Third eye): Influences the part of the mind that controls your common sense, wisdom, intelligence, memory, dreams, spirituality adn intuition.

The 7th Chakra (crown): Influences the superior consciousness of yourself beyond the physical or material.

Uses: meditation, reflection, environmental scenting

Directions: light the tip of the coated end of the stick until it glows, then blow out the flame. Place the stick in an incense holder making sure the ashes fall on the fireproof surface. Keep away from children, pets and flammable articles such as paper, drapes, ect. Do not allow sticks to touch any varnished, painted, plastic ect. Surfaces. Never leave a burning incense unattended. Enjoy!