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Cat's Eye with Snow Quartz Tumbled



Acts to stimulate intuition & to enhance awareness.  It is a grounding stone that provides a very effective protective energy. Dispels unwanted energy from the aura.  It amplifies good luck and fortune. Transforms negative thoughts into positive energy. Brings happiness & serenity, along with optimism, generosity & confidence.  It can enhance creativity and kindness.


Has a soft feminine energy which can be used to balance the yin and yang energies, align and balance the chakra. Facilitates mental clarity and alertness during meditation. Teaches patience, discretion and discernment within relationships.

All rocks will vary by size, colour, clarity. This is the natural forms of these products. Occasionally stones will also have fault lines, being a natural substance, these are part of the beauty of the product. Rocks will vary in size. Photos shown are a representation of the type of rock but does not represent the actual piece being sold. Cost is per piece.