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Aura Reading for Beginners

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Lots of people talk about the aura and its components. But how many actually see it? If you don't see the aura, do you want to? Then you need to get Aura Reading for Beginners by Richard Webster.

This book gives you the basics you need to know to see the aura and discover the meanings of the colors it contains. It begins with a discussion of what the aura is, followed by the surprising information that the best way to begin is not to attempt to see the aura, but to feel it. Several techniques are given for this. Next you learn how to see the basic aura, in yourself and others. Finally, you will learn how to interpret the colors you will eventually see.

But once you have this skill there is much more you can do than merely see colors around people! You will discover that the many colors of the aura can indicate everything from emotional problems to physical ailments that have not yet manifested. You can deal with these problems by balancing the energies of the aura. This book shows you how to do it in several ways. Besides using your own energies, you can also work with food and drink. Some have natural colors (red foods include meat and peppers, for example), but you can also charge neutral water with any color. You will also learn what music can be used to effect the aura. The aura interrelates with every aspect of your life. It only makes sense that if you change your aura you can improve yourself. Indeed, this book gives instructions on how to do this. The book shows how you can learn the health of your chakras with the help of the pendulum or through meditation. You'll also learn how to use magnets to alter your aura. This can especially aid in the development of clairvoyant skills. Finally, you'll learn how to give readings on the aura for yourself and others. This is the book you will need to begin working with the aura.