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Astral Voyages

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Imagine, for a second, traveling at the speed of light to a place where all past, present, and future events occur simultaneously. You can be anywhere at any time and be free of the laws of space and time. That might sound impossible, but it's not. It happens whenever you project your soul onto the astral plane.

If you have not yet been able to astral project, or if you would like to improve your skills, you must get Astral Voyages by Dr. Bruce Goldberg. This book answers all of your questions about astral projection and gives over sixty-five exercises that are sure to help you experience the freedom of astral travel.

 In order to astral project, you need to understand the relationship of the soul to your physical, astral, mental, and other bodies. This will entail learning about the aura, the chakras, and more. You also need to be sure that the experience is safe. What happens to your physical body when you project? Will you meet other entities on the astral plane? Can they harm you? All of your questions will be answered in such a way that you will be craving an astral projection experience. You will learn many techniques to help you astral project. You'll learn basic techniques and advanced ones, all designed to get you out of your body and astral traveling. This brings up more questions: What can you do on the astral plane? How can you tell the difference between the various non-physical planes? What are the akashic records and how can you read them while on the astral plane? Again, all your questions are answered in Astral Voyages. You'll also learn how all of your work will help you develop your innate psychic powers. You'll discover the secret doorways to the astral plane and how you can heal others, meet people and Spirit Guides and even have astral sex. If you are ready to discover the secrets of the astral plane, this book is a must.