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Sage - Spring Cleaning Time again

Sage is burned in a smudging ceremonies to drive out bad spirits, feelings or influences and also to keep bad spirits from entering the area where a ceremony takes place.  To do a smudging ceremony, burn the clippings of the herb (dried) rub your hands in the smoke and then gather the smoke and bring it into your body or rub it onto yourself. Especially onto any area you feel needs spiritual healing.  Keep praying all the while that the unseen powers of the plant will cleanse your spirit.  When cleansing a space it is important to open the windows so as to let out the bad and let in the good.  Also remember to smudge into every corner of every room.  and don't forget your closets, cupboards and drawers as all these places also have 4 corners.  Smudging can be done as many times as you feel the need.