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Rho Presents Dream Workshop

The magical world of Dreams! What are dreams?  Why do we dream?  Dreams can be funny, connecting and at times frightening.  Dreams have always fascinated me and this led me to take a dreamwork course and deep dive into studying about dreams.  In expanding my knowledge about dreams, I have arrived to the realization that they exist to guide us to work through existing and past experiences, offer us wisdom and knowledge, and also provide prophetic insight.


Spending time working through and understanding your dream can provide clarification and remove some of the anxiety we might have about sleep and dreaming.  Dreaming is another form of connection to and from Creator.  Dreams are not to be feared but understood.  Working with dreams is another avenue to open the spiritual world and embrace our soul self.


In this introductory Dreamwork workshop I will talk about dreams and provide some understanding about the magical world of dreams.  The workshop is interactive and you will be taught a few techniques.  We will firstly use the techniques learned to work through dreams that have occurred during your sleep time individually.


After which, we will then have an opportunity to share our dreams in the sacred space and help each other work through our dreams. 


            Join me at Earthworks to learn to interpret your dream!  This workshop will provide you with steps to lead you to gain insight into understanding your dreams and encourage you to not fear your dreams, but be open to embracing them.  After all dreams are connection to you and Divine!


            Saturday, November 18, 2023 - 11:00am to 12:30pm. 
The investment for this workshop is $45.00 + HST. 
Please bring dreams to be interpreted, writing tools (pen, pencil and pencil crayons for drawing if you wish) and a journal. 


If you have already started a dream journal you are welcomed and encouraged to bring your dream journal!





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