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We will be closed Monday October 9th for Thanksgiving
We will be closed Monday October 9th for Thanksgiving

Reader Jan


Psychic Medium, Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Tea Leaf Readings, ink blot readings

$50.00 + hst per 1/2 hour


Friday September 15th, 22nd, 29th  10am-4pm
Sunday September 24th  3pm-5pm
Friday October 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th  10am-4pm
Sunday October 8th, 22nd  12pm-5pm

Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing) Clairsentience (clear feeling):  Also may use runes, pendulums, oracle cards, Tarot Cards
As a child she had all these abilities, she saw things other people didn't, she heard the voice and whispers asking her to do things or warning her of danger, she was never scared, as a child it was natural to her, she thought that everyone was like her, but quickly learned that was not the case.  She was called many names by her peers, witch, weirdo, so she kept her ability to herself.  As an animal lover she found her psychic awareness extended to the animal world.  It wasn't until she met John a gifted medium, who guided her to her full potential as a medium, for which she is eternally grateful.  With the help of her spirit guides it is her aim to provide a reading that touches every aspect of the soul and beyond to help you understand your own journey.  

Please note that when booking for a tea leaf reading you must let us know as you have to show up 15 minutes prior to your reading to have time to drink your tea

Please be on time for your appointment with your practitioner.

Late appointments may be moved or have to be cancelled and rescheduled. Please be respectful of your practitioner's and other client's times.


Our mission is to provide you with a reading with a psychic medium, or to aid you in learning more about your spirituality. We will do our best to see you through a positive guidance.  However, if you are requesting information relating to a professional matter we suggest that you seek advice from a relevant expert.
Legal Matters - legal practitioners
Medical Matters - Health Professional
Business Questions - Financial Advisor/ Accountant
Earthworks will not be held liable for any stress or loss of income caused by any persons or events incurred in the process of providing a service to the client.  Please note that psychic/tarot/oracle readings do not constitute legal, financial, or professional advice.  By engaging in a reading with any psychic you adhere to the fact that they do not diagnose illness, including questions pertaining to pregnancy and death and waive all ability to file a law suit against either Earthworks or the Practitioner.