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We will be closed on Monday July 1st for Canada Day.
We will be closed on Monday July 1st for Canada Day.

Reader Annalisa

My name is Annalisa, and I was born in the Azores, Portugal. In 1974, around the age of twelve, my parents decided to move to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Saturn and Mars were running through my fourth house and my home life, signaling a massive shift. In 1980, at 18 years old, I decided to get married. At the time, Saturn and Pluto were running through my seventh house, which is the house of marriage and relationships. Those two incredibly challenging planets would forever impact the next 23 years of my life.

Momentous changes of all kinds happened in those 23 years, and in the process, I had three wonderful children who are so present and loving in my life. Moving forward to 2003, when Uranus and Mars were going through my 12th house of dissolution, surrender and self-transcendence. Having those two warriors in that house gave me the push and that bravery to seek the change for which I was longing.

One spring afternoon, while having coffee and reading a magazine, I came across a page about tarot cards - that was the beginning of my metaphysical journey. I found myself in the bookstore looking for tarot cards. I bought a deck and started experimenting with them and learning more about them and recognizing them and their meanings. It was so natural for me, like I had been reading tarot my whole life. It was also a fun past time for me, learning and teaching myself something new. Then the universe started putting its plan into motion.

I always had a deep intuition and a deep knowledge that there was more to life than what I was experiencing. In 1991 during my Saturn return, was when I really started to get to know myself and what I wanted. I saw my life directing itself and that was the beginning of my journey. We are now into 2024 and through the years I have extended my knowledge of what I am saying and sometimes I do not know how to explain it, but I just know.

Over the years, I have achieved diplomas for my mastery of astrology, numerology and tarot and have continued learning while delving into the academic and scientific side of this knowledge. I continue to frequent seminars, educational forums and experiences of many kinds in order to totally open myself up to knowing what life is all about.

Over my 25 years of practice, I have done over 45,000 readings with such a deep purpose and delight and I am looking forward to 45,000 more.


I do Tarot but, on my readings, I implement Personal year in numerology and Annual Profections of Astrology. 

Basically, Personal year and Profections show the topics and phases that life is vibrating that year.


$60.00 per 30 minutes


Annalisa will not be available for readings in June, July & August.


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