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Hanging Crystal Amethyst Aventurine Moon

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Introducing our Macrame Crystal Holder with Amethyst and Aventurine. This functional yet elegant piece features sturdy macrame string supporting two rough crystals for energy balancing. The metal ornament at the base, adorned with a crescent moon and star, adds a touch of celestial charm. Perfect for displaying and energizing your crystals. 


Green Aventurine inspires a sense of calm and tranquility. Its gentle energy encourages personal growth and aids in the manifestation of positive outcomes. This stone fosters emotional balance and harmony, promoting feelings of well-being and nurturing the spirit. Green Aventurine’s serene essence provides a soothing influence, supporting a peaceful state of mind.

Amethyst is a powerful crystal known for its spiritual benefits. It opens the crown chakra, enhancing spirituality and self-awareness. Its calming energy relieves stress and anxiety, promoting emotional healing. It aids in overcoming addictions and encourages lucid dreaming. Amethyst also purifies the aura, removing negativity.