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Angel Pin Remembrance

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An angel of remembrance pin serves as a poignant tribute to cherished memories and enduring love with its delicate design and comforting presence. Crafted with intricate detail, the angel figurine exudes a sense of solace and reverence, its wings symbolizing the eternal connection between heaven and earth. 


Paired with the pin is a card adorned with a tender message: "Stars are openings in heaven where our loved ones shine down." This heartfelt sentiment serves as a reminder of the enduring presence of our departed loved ones, their spirits shining brightly in the vast expanse of the night sky. 

Whether worn as a personal token of remembrance or shared as a gesture of comfort with a friend or loved one mourning the loss of a dear one, the angel of remembrance pin and its accompanying card offer solace and hope, inspiring us to find peace in the knowledge that our loved ones are forever watching over us from above.