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We will be closed on Monday July 1st for Canada Day.
Spiritual Protection with Rho

Spiritual Protection with Rho

Spiritual Protection





Written by:  Rho (Intuitive / Medium)
Spiritual protection is important because it not only protects our aura and energy, but it also provides a spiritual protection boundary where seen and unseen forces cannot penetrate. Spiritual protection provides one confidence and a stronger vitality.

What can make us susceptible to energy drains or manipulations:

  • Fear
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Insecurity
  • Blaming
  • Looking the easy and quick way
  • Feeling guilty and other negative emotions

The first step is spiritual protection is awareness of what we action and attract in our life. What we attract is the energy we are putting out by our feelings or inner landscape. It is important that we learn to spiritually protect ourselves and to discern whether a psychic attack is occurring or are we creating our own negative landscape.

Developing a relationship with our belief form of Creator or Divine is a great start to strengthen our spiritual boundaries. The term “the universe has your back” is true! It does, but you need to develop a relationship with Creator / Divine. Get into the practice of acknowledge Divine in the morning when you wake and express one or 2 words of gratitude. At midday think of Divine and offer a brief connection whether it is a 5 minute breathing meditation or go for a walk and notice where do you see and feel Divine. Prior to falling asleep talk to Divine and offer some type of gratitude or reflect back on your day to become aware when you felt or experienced Divine. If you wanted to journal the experience do so.

In building the relationship with Creator you are building a spiritual force field. Other ways to protect yourself is by buying crystals that offer protection. The following are some crystals that can be used:

Amethyst is a common crystal that we all know of.  It is a stunningly beautiful stone and it has legendary powers.  Amethyst is said to align with the Divine. 

Aquamarine is great to be used for clarity, cleansing and calming.  It is an inspirational stone for truth, trust and letting go.  In ancient times it was believed to be used by sailors for good luck and protection.

Black Tourmaline was viewed by ancient magicians as a protector when they would cast their spells.  Today it is still revered as a powerful talisman for protection and as a psychic shield deflecting negative energy.

Clear quartz is considered the purifier and amplifier.  Shine clear quartz throughout your body or use it in a space for energetic clearing and it will increase positive energy. You can direct it through your finger to empower, activate or amplify the energy contained within an object or charm.

Aromatherapy can also be used for protection. The following are some fragrance oils that can be used.

Cedar is a cleansing and protection oil.  It is soothing and strengthening.  It is effective if we have troubled dreams.  It is a good oil to use in children’s rooms to protect them during sleep. 

Eucalyptus – it is considered a healing oil.  It helps with breathing and relaxing.  It releases tensions of the emotional and mental kind. It helps preventing poltergeist phenomena because it is calming.

Rose – it is a gentle, powerful and spiritual fragrance.  It balances and heals the chakras and therefore strengthens and heals the aura.  It is a great protector fragrance.

Sage – is a powerful cleansing fragrance.  It relaxes and energizes.  It allows spirit to flow freely in our physical environment at the same time grounding and protecting our bodies from being imbalanced.  It is great for cleansing and purifying under any circumstances.

Asking and imploring the seven archangels that are listed in the book of Enoch is another way of increasing protection. If you are wanting to protect your space prior to beginning a divination session or if you are about to enter a meeting that you know may be a bit intense call on a specific archangel to be by your side or you can ask four of the archangels to surround you by using the four directions, being East, West, North and South. Here are some archangels you can call upon:

Gabriel-is considered to be an agent of Creator.  In the book of Daniel, he helped interpret Daniel’s dreams and also in the bible he announced the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus.  He is considered also to be messenger and is connected to telecommunication.  Gabriel’s day is Monday. (Direction is North). 

Selaphiel – Angel of Thursday.  This angel is considered to be the angel of prayer and worship.  This angel is said to help interpret dreams, break addictions, protect children and preside over exorcisms. 

Michael – Angel of Sunday.  He is the angel who defeats and guards against the forces of evil.  He is also considered an angel that heals.  He is also considered a spiritual warrior.  He is also the angel considered to accompany souls into heaven. Call on Michael if you want to surround your home, car or family with protection. (Direction East)

Uriel – Angel of Wednesday.  (Direction south).  Angel of Wisdom, Illumination and Divine Light.  Archangel Uriel helps you find your inner power, raise your vibration and help accelerate your shift to the higher realms.  Uriel can help with creativity, insights, judgment, universal consciousness, divine order and cosmic universal flow. 

Raphael – Angel of Tuesday (Direction of West).  Raphael’s colour is green.  Is the archangel of healing.  Raphael is considered the angel for travellers, the blind, happy meetings, nurses, physicians, medical workers, matchmakers and sailors.

Barachiel – Angel of Saturday.  Archangel Barachiel is considered the angel of blessings.  Barachiel is considered to be the chief of the guardian angels.  This angel is often depicted holding roses or scattering them indicating the blessings we are receiving from the Divine.

These are but a few methods to begin to enable, strengthen and surround yourself with spiritual protection. Earthworks has a wide variety of crystals, herbs, books and essentials oils to begin your spiritual protection journey. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly in offering advice and steering you in the right direction for your spiritual protection needs. Come by and see all that they have to offer!

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