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Come Join us and celebrate our 29th Anniversary. Saturday April 1st and Sunday April 2nd. Online code for the event will be AV29.
Come Join us and celebrate our 29th Anniversary. Saturday April 1st and Sunday April 2nd. Online code for the event will be AV29.
Herbs & Their Uses

Herbs & Their Uses



Burn on charcoal during your ritual magics!
Add to your sacred bath!  Soak those problems away!
Sew them into charms, spell bags, mojo bags, dream pillows, poppets and more!
Use them in your offering to Fae, Deities and other spiritual beings!

Metaphysical properties of herb are provided for informational purposes only, and no outcome is guaranteed.

Our herbs are not intended for internal consumption.

Agrimony - Uncrossing, Spell Breaker, Remove Hexes, Protection, Reversing, Dreams

All Spice - Money, Luck, Healing, Energy

Angelica Root - Healing, Wards Off Evil, Good Luck, Protection, Purification, Exorcism, Healing, Uncrossing

Barberry - Cleansing, Sorcery, Bar Enemies, Protection, Love, Atonement, Cleansing

Basil - Love, Exorcism, Wealth, Sympathy, Protection

Bay Leaf - Protection, Good Fortune, Success, Purification, Strength, Healing, Psychic Powers

Birch Leaves - New Beginning, Psychic Protection, Inner Strength, Symbolizes Birth & Renewal, Wards Off Evil, Banishes Fear

Black Cohosh - Strength, Courage, Love, Protection, Uncrossing

Black Salt - Scrying, Jinxing, Protection, Gossip Stop

Bladder Wrack - Protection, Sea Spells, Wind Spells, Money, Psychic Powers, Business Success

Blessed Thistle - Purification, Protection, Hex Breaking

Blue Cohosh - Protection, Courage, Balance, Empowerment, Money Draw, Love Breaking, Purification

Buckthorn - Protection, Exorcism, Wishes, Legal Matters, Sorcery, Elf Magic, Driving Away Enchantments, Luck

Calendula - Good Luck, Money, Optimism, Vitality, Attract Success, Dispel Negativity

Catnip - Love, Relationships, Luck, Attraction

Cat's Claw - Vision Quests, Shamanic Journeying, Money, Lucid Dreaming

Chamomile - Good Luck, Purification, Protection, Sleep, Meditation

Ciniquefoil - Protections, Removes Curses or Hexes, Removes Negativity, Love, Money, Health, Power, Wisdom

Cinnamon Chip - Good Fortune, Money, Luck, Clairvoyance, Divination, Energy, Love, Mediation, Harmony, Healing, Happiness

Clove - Protection, Banishing, Divination, Love, Lust, Inspiration, Gossip Stop, Attract Riches, Mental Clarity

Colts Foot - Love, Psychic Awareness, Positive Energy, Spirit Communication, Dreams


Comfrey Leaves - Good Luck, Money, Financial Matters, Healing, Safety During Travel, Divination, Concentration, Money Draw

Damiana -  Love, Aphrodisiac,  Psychic Abilities, Clairvoyance, Mediation, Spirit Quests

Dandelion Root - Psychic Abilities, Wishes, Conjuring, Dreams

Devil's Claw Root - Exorcism, Protection, Banishing Spells, Confounding Enemies, Cleansing

Dong Quai Root Powder - Protection, Ward Off Evil , Breaks Curses, Hexes or Spells, Clairvoyance, Gambling, Luck

Elderberry - Ward Against Evil, Healing, Prosperity, Sleep, Blessings, Wisdom, Protection, Spirit Attraction

Elder Flowers - Protection, Healing, Spell Breaker, Prosperity, Sleep, Purification

Eucalyptus - Wards Against Evil, Protection, Cleansing

Eye Bright - Wisdom, Psychic Abilities, Mental Powers

Feverfew - Protection, Love, Spiritual Healing, Travel

Galangal -  Strength, Power, Victory, Luck, Hex Breaking, Increase Psychic Powers, Legal Matters, Magic

Ginger - Strengthen Spells, Attract Money, Love Spells

Hawthorn Berries - Protection, Fertility, Fairy Magic, Success, Remove Negativity

Heather Flowers - Luck, Protection, Rain, Love, Conjure Ghosts

Hibiscus Flowers - Passion, Love, Luck, Dreams, Scrying, Divination, Clairvoyance

Hops - Sleep, Dreams, Relaxation, Luck, Healing

Horehound - Protection, Mental Clarity, Creativity, Home Blessings, Energy

Horsetail - Strength, Fertility, Protection

Hyssop - Jinx Removal, Protection, Negativity, Purification

Irish Moss - Good Fortune, Business Success

Jasmine - Dreams, Luck, Love, Attraction

Juniper Berries - Protection, Exorcism, Good Luck, Psychic Powers

Lady's Mantle - Love, Strengthening Spells

Lavender - Sleep, Long Life, Peace, Protection, Visions, Clarity of Thought, Good Luck, Love

Licorice Root - Controlling Others, Command Rituals, Love Rituals, Protection

Mandrake - Protection, Love, Money, Fertility, Health, Empowers Visions and all Magic

Marshmallow Root - Psychic Powers, Clairvoyance, Divination, Harmony, Peace, Love, Fertility, Attraction

Mistletoe - Jinx Breaking, Protection, Love, Luck, Money, Dreams, Fertility, Creativity

Motherwort -  Protection, Confidence, Counter-Magic, Spiritual Healing, Astral Travel

Mugwort -  Protections, Safe Travel, Psychic, Scrying, Dreams, Cleansing

Mullein - Nightmares, Courage, Psychic Visions

Myrtle - Love, Fertility, Peace, Money, Wealth, Protection

Nettle - Jinx Breaker, Remove Curses, Hex Breaker, Spell Breaker

Oak Bark - Truth, Knowledge, Protection, Fertility, Health, Money, Love

Oakmoss - Luck, Money, Protection, Strength, Legal Matters, Mediation, Prosperity

Orange Blossom - Harmony, Prosperity, Peace, Love

Orris Root - Love, Persuasion, Charisma, Success

Patchouli - Love, Money Draw, Jinx Breaking, Fertility, Protection

Penny Royal - Protection, Tranquility, Good Luck, Clear Negativity, Peace, Business Success

Peppermint - Purification, Energy, Love, Healing, Psychic Power, Cleansing, Consecration, Psychic Dreams, Visions, Luck

Raspberry Leaves - Good Luck, Love, Fertility, Healing, Protection

Red Clover - Good Luck, Love, Happy Marriage, Fidelity, Money, Protection, Prosperity, Remove Negativity

Rose Hips - Love, Divination, Health, Intuition, Calming, Good Luck

Rose Petals / Rose Buds - Love, Romance, Good Luck, Calming

Rosemary - Healing, Love, Protection, Purification, Fertility

Rue - Protection, Spell Breaker, Health, Jinx Remover, Love

Sassafras - Good Fortune, Business Success, Wealth

Skullcap - Fidelity, Money, Sleep, Relaxation, Peace

Slippery Elm Bark - Magic, Gossip Stop, Protection

Spearmint - Love, Psychic Ability, Cleansing, Renewal, House Blessing, Healing Magic, Call Good Spirits, Strength, Dreams

St. John's Wort - Healing, Happiness, Divination, Strength, Courage, Love, Protection

Star Anise - Protection vs. Evil, Love, Money, Health, Vision Journeying, Good Luck, Clairvoyance, Psychic Awareness, Dreams

Thyme - Luck, Protection, Cleansing, Stop Nightmares, Good Health, Sleep, Money, Luck, Purification

Valerian - Dream Magic, Reconciliation, Love, Harmony

Verbena - Jinx Breaking, Purification, Cleanse Negativity

Violet - Protection, Love, Lust, Wishes, Peace, Healing

White Willow Bark - Wisdom, Long Lasting Love, Divination, Lunar Magic, Dreams, Healing

Wintergreen - Good Fortune, Luck, Purification

Witch Hazel - Chasity, Protection, Luck, Healing, Remove Hexes, Remove Negativity

Wood Betony - Protection, Purification, Nightmares, Jinx Removal, Love, Relationships

Wormwood - Love, Protections, Psychic Powers, Spirit Communication

Yarrow - Luck, Protection, Bravery, Love, Divination, Dreams








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