Yoga Salon

Slip into the most mystical chill-out lounge you can imagine. Enter the into the salon and connect with inner wisdom as East meets West in this sublime set of blissful grooves hand-selected and mixed exclusively by the Gordon Brothers (creators of the original Buddha-Lounge and Café de Luna). In the salon tonight are an amazing line-up of the leading edge of the nu-India groove - Ghandharva Café, Jaya Lakshmi, KarmaCosmic, Wynne Paris, Artemisia, TAU, Althea W., Sophia, David & Steve Gordon and more exotic lounge luminaries. Ancient chants from India, a multi-cultural array of ethnic instruments, hypnotic world rhythms and a spicy mix of modern electronica weave seamlessly together, creating an elegantly divine mood. De-stress and relax with this definitive hip soundtrack perfectly suited for everything from enhancing your Yoga sessions to unwinding after work, dinner with friends or just any time you want to kick back and slow down.