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We will be closed Monday October 9th for Thanksgiving
We will be closed Monday October 9th for Thanksgiving

White Himalayan Salt Lamp

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As well as being beautiful, salt lamps release negatively charged ions. These negative ions neutralize positively charged ions given out by computers, televisions, power grids, etc. Negatively charged ions create an environment that is like being near the sea or waterfall and are what give the air in these areas that fresh feeling. The salt lamp should be lit always as they give off more negative ions that way. By using Salt Crystal Lamps, we can easily improve our environment, not only through the ionizing effects of the lamp but through the beautiful light they cast in a room! It is highly recommended to use them near a TV or computer, in a designated smoking room or an air-conditioned room.

WHERE DO SALT LAMPS COME FROM? Salt crystal lamps are made from salt crystal rocks. The salt crystal comes from the ancient seas and is now available in the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan. Salt crystals of this quality are rare.

 HOW ARE SALT LAMPS MADE? Explosives and standard mining methods can not be used when mining salt crystal rock; they must be hand crafted to retain their original structure. This means that every salt lamp is different in size, shape, colour; each salt lamp is unique.