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White Eagle Medicine Wheel Deck

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The White Eagle Medicine Wheel Deck provides a unique introduction to the sacred teachings of Native Americans. This powerful deck is a vital resource for problem-solving at all levels of body, mind and spirit. Users will be taught how to communicate with the animals who will reveal their medicine ways, and they will discover how to access the energies and teachings of our elders. Finally these totem cards will teach how to use the four creative sources of power through archetypal symbols. And with the accompanying booklet users will develop their intuitive abilities and learn how to draw on the wisdom of the natural world. Full-color illustrations throughout.

Author Bios

Wa-Na-Nee-Che has an Ojibwa mother and a Lakota father and descends from a long line of medicine men and shamans. He works in the civil rights fields and has served on educational and advisory boards seeking to improve the conditions of native peoples. Eliana Harvey is a therapist and writied with a deep interest in Native American culture and traditions. Her Medicine name, awarded by Brooke Medicine Eagle, is Bear Grandmother Calls Her.