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Closed Friday July 1st for Canada Day
Closed Friday July 1st for Canada Day

Water Blessing Labels Healing Medicine

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In 1979, French scientist Jacques Benveniste published scientific research on the water's critical role in homeopathy – specifically how water molecules transform and remember what they have been exposed to. Dr. Masaru Emoto took that initial research further in the 90s as he used a process of freezing the water, examining the structures and recognizing that positive words and intentions produced beautiful crystalline shaped molecules, while negative words and ideas produced amorphous discolored blobs.

When the movie, "What the Bleep" featured Emoto's work in the storyline, a whole new world of awareness opened up to spiritual seekers of truth. Water is everywhere, and not just the water we drink, but the oceans and rivers. Blessing water to create healing and transformational medicine has become an important part of spiritual practices worldwide. When you bless your water with words, you cast a spell and transform the molecules into a fluid that remembers your intentions and influences all molecules in the body to respond to that intention. What are you thinking while you are drinking? This is a profound question.