Water Blessing Label Aphrodite Bliss


“APHRODITE BLISS” Water Blessing Labels have been infused with a specific energy to invoke and embody your own unique Aphrodite’s spirit. Bless and charge your drinking and bathing waters with the goddess of love, passion, beauty and eternal youth. Allow the healing, transformational powers of water to flow into your daily life.

Water, like the divine feminine, is alive, open, receptive, a giver of life. It imprints our blessings, prayers and deep yearnings into its memory (as shown by Dr. Emoto’s water crystals). Water charged with divine, feminine intentions transforms into sacred water.

Full package size 6” X 11” Inside each package: - Crystal clear, re-usable, static cling labels: - 1 Aphrodite Image - 2 wrap-around heart images - 18 Water Blessing Labels Bonus: - 18 Inspirational cut-out Aphrodite Blessing Cards. Other Water Blessing collections supporting “Aphrodite Bliss” are: Divine Feminine, Goddess Energy, Love & Gratitude, Radiant Body, and Love collection. Use on Water Bottles, Drinking Glasses, Baby Bottles, Medicine Bottles, Pet & Plant Water, Water Purifiers, Shower Walls, Mirrors, Windows and other smooth surfaces.