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Closed Friday July 1st for Canada Day
Closed Friday July 1st for Canada Day

Star Anise Approximately 16g

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Star Anise is widely held to be a Mystical Herb. Many people like to carry a star anise Pod in a conjure bag to ward off the Evil Eye. We are also told that star anise is used to bring Good Luck in Love, Money, and Health Matters through Powerful Visions. People experienced at Games of Chance tell us that if they Dream Lucky, they will have Good Luck the next day. People in Love claim that a Psychic Dream can lead to a Lifetime of Happiness. Others diagnose Healing through Dreams. Therefore, folks place a dish of star anise on their altar and burn star anise mixed with Psychic Vision Incense to see Winning Numbers or their Future Mate, or to Foretell the Future.

 Discover the Magical Uses of Herbs

- Burn over charcoal in your rituals
- Add to sacred baths
- Sew into charms, spell bags, dream pillows and sachets
- Offer to deities, spirits and Fae

Metaphysical properties of herbs are provided for informational purposes only and not outcome is guaranteed. Our herbs are not intended for internal consumption