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Patchouli Approximately 5g


Patchouli has a a long history of use in perfumery, and magic. There are three conditions for which it is employed -- Love-Drawing, Money-Drawing, and Jinx-Breaking. To Keep Your Spouse Satisfied, place one of his or her Hairs at the center of a bundle of patchouli.  Wrap the bundle tightly with red thread, finish it with nine knots. sprinkle it with a mixture of Love Me Oil and Stay With Me Oil and hide it beneath the bed. To Break a Jinx, mix patchouli with Graveyard Dirt and Agrimony, and carry the mixture in a mojo bag.

Discover the Magical Uses of Herbs

- Burn over charcoal in your rituals
- Add to sacred baths
- Sew into charms, spell bags, dream pillows and sachets
- Offer to deities, spirits and Fae

Metaphysical properties of herbs are provided for informational purposes only and not outcome is guaranteed. Our herbs are not intended for internal consumption