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Closed Monday May 23rd for Victoria Day
Closed Monday May 23rd for Victoria Day

Magical Qabalah for Beginners

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Qabalah comes from the Hebrew root QBL, which means “to receive or accept instruction.” In Magical Qabalah for Beginners, Frater Barrabbas instructs the ritual magician and occult student on the history and theory of Qabalah as well as its practical ritual use. Using a combination of Greek philosophy and Jewish occultism, Frater Barrabbas presents the Qabalah in five basic but essential parts, covering the ten sephiroth, the twenty-two paths, the four worlds, the three negative veils, and the Tree of Life.

With practical tools and exercises, Frater Barrabbas shows how to make the Qabalah an important part of any occultist’s spiritual and magical practice. Discover the essential tools for systematically incorporating the Qabalah into practical use: tables of correspondence, numerology, acronyms and formula, sigils and ciphers, contemplation, and the theurgy of ascension.