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Magic and Light Oracle Cards


These colorful and unique cards help you learn to look at the magic in life and see the light it brings, to become the insightful person you came to be. By choosing a card each day, you can focus on its message for guidance, and discover a positive approach to life.

This deck features magical beings including mermaids, dragons, ancient divine goddesses, Phoenix, and Pegasus, as well as magical phenomenon - witches, wizards, and earth symbolism. All come with a call to action  a powerful, yet gentle, reminder to change your thinking, sing with your full voice, and let go of fears that prevent you from seeing your own magical side. As you become aware of the sacred energy that surrounds you, you can live fully and consciously.

30 cards (3.5" x 5.125"), packaged in a silver tin with a clear, acrylic top that allows you to view your card-of-the-day. Ask the deck for wisdom, then draw a card and place your message for the day on top of the deck. Place the tin in a spot where you can see and remember your message - near your computer, in the kitchen, etc.