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Journey to the Temple


This album is the result of my study and research into the use of sounds and music to create inner balance and healing. I wanted to produce an album that not only on a physical level is calming and relaxing, but essentially works on a metaphysical level and alters states of consciousness and awareness. 'Journey to the Temple' features seven chakra tracks blended together by natural sounds of water and birdsong. Each of the seven tracks is a journey through the seven key chakras and are all carefully and gently mixed into an immensely peaceful meditative soundscape.

 Track List

Llewellyn - Base Chakra
Llewellyn - Brow Chakra
Llewellyn - Crown Chakra
Llewellyn - Heart Chakra
Llewellyn - Solar Plexus Chakra
Llewellyn - Spleen Chakra
Llewellyn - Throat Chakra