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Closed Monday May 23rd for Victoria Day
Closed Monday May 23rd for Victoria Day

I Can Do It

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 Louise L. Hay’s message on discovering and tapping into the full potential of our creative powers for personal growth and self-healing is delivered clearly and concisely. The key goal readers strive for is the improvement of all aspects of life through an understanding of the correct use of affirmations. Our thoughts and the words we speak are affirmations that create our life experiences. Some of the beliefs that arise from our habitual thinking patterns work well for us. But other beliefs may limit our ability to attain the very things we desire most. Careful attention to these negative thoughts can lead to overcoming the obstacles to creating positive life experiences. Affirmations function to replace problems with solutions. Backed by Hay’s extensive experience assisting people to discover wonderful, joy-filled lives, I Can Do It covers a wide range of topics, including health, forgiveness, prosperity, creativity, relationships, job success and self-esteem.