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Dancers Between Realms

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The Empath. The word has found its way into our consciousness – accompanied by ideas of healing, sharing emotion and pain. Sensitive, caring, responsive people. Yet, this very receptivity and permeability brings its own challenges. It is vital for empaths to recognize themselves as such and to consciously explore, understand and address this energetic flow in their life. Self-inquiry is the essential tool to understanding all that moves, motivates and colors your experience of the world. This book is an invitation to that inquiry; a shared journey with those who have been exploring empath energy in workshops and personal sessions for many years. Empath Energy. Beyond Empathy.

Includes a glossary of all the tools and principles explored with bolded quotes throughout for easy reference. Chapters cover Understanding Yourself As an Empath, Tools of Awareness, On Relating and In Relationship, Dancing With the Physical, Children and Childhood and an opened-ended chapter of questions shared by workshop participants exploring their own Empath nature and the answers that emerged from these dialogues.