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Creative Flow Dreaming

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You’ve tried positive thinking. You’ve tried the Secret. You’ve read Abraham and all the others. And still, what you want to manifest isn’t showing up.

You say to yourself:

 * I’m thinking good thoughts and practicing the law of Attraction. Why isn’t it working?
* How do I know if I’m even manifesting what’s best for me, or if it’s part of God’s plan for me?
* What am I doing wrong? Because I’ve tried this all before and it didn’t work.
* I know it works, but when will the things I’m manifesting come to me?
* I’ve had success, but never in one certain area. Why can’t I change things for myself there?
* Can I learn to manifest good things for other people, like my spouse or children?

Summer McStravick answers these questions and more in her groundbreaking book, Creative Flowdreaming, that covers every aspect of manifesting through a highly practical technique called Flowdreaming. Summer’s expert knowledge as a manifesting practitioner is translated into every workshop as she teaches you what it means to work with the subtle energies of the Universe. She shows you how to harness universal Flow, and channel it toward your own desires. What if you woke up every day feeling that your life was a work of art-in-progress that took shape hour by hour, culminating in a lifetime of satisfaction and fulfillment? And what if you, the artist of this life, were able to sculpt the events and opportunities in your future not merely through physical action, but by using a far more powerful and subtle type of energy? There is such an energy, and it stirs just below the surface, creating the blueprints for everything that erupts in your physical existence. And you can learn to use it. Creative Flowdreaming reveals a powerful, precise, and beautiful method for manifesting in which you become an artist of living. You’ll learn about this world of the manifesting practitioner, who guides the flow of living energies, as Summer gives you an intimate glimpse into her own pioneering practice. Forget everything you’ve learned about needing tough “lessons” or “learning experiences.” With Creative Flowdreaming, you learn that life is not a ladder to be climbed or a series of obstacles to get through. Life is about long-term financial security, relationships that feed your soul, robust health, and doing something with your time that you find meaningful and enjoyable. Creative Flowdreaming, and the path of the manifesting practitioner, reveals the way to harness the power of Flow—the energy of ease, perfection, and bubbling potential that is forever at your fingertips.