Bridge to the Afterlife

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What if you could talk to the other side? What would you say? And what messages would the spirits have for you? Spiritual medium Troy Parkinson, a rising star in the paranormal world, shares fascinating first-hand stories of his communications with the spirit realm.

Channeling spirits was the last thing that Troy Parkinson ever thought he’d do. A North Dakota native and self-described "ordinary guy," he first attended a spiritualist meeting when he was a college student in Boston. After receiving a message that night from his grandmother’s spirit, he decided to pursue mediumship training through the world-renowned First Spiritual Temple of Boston. Parkinson now travels around the country, doing readings for large audiences and presenting workshops that teach people how to develop their own spirit-communication abilities. Troy’s moving story and amazing messages from spirit will touch your heart, inspire your soul, and remind you that your loved ones are always with you.