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Book Urban Faery Magick

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The fae are increasingly adapting to the urban world. This book teaches you how to develop relationships with them for a lifelong journey of inspiration and magic. Urban Faery Magick introduces you to dozens of faeries and offers tips and techniques for interacting with the fae and receiving their blessings and help on your own spiritual path. Author Tara Sanchez explores modern-day case studies of fae encounters associated with each of the elements, as well as her own experiences in working with specific faeries. You will learn about the Zaragoza Goblin, the Santiago Park Pixie, John the Rust Spirit, the Washer at the Ford, Jennie Greenteeth, and many more. You will also explore dozens of exercises for finding and communicating with the fae, including breathwork, trance, chants, invocations, protection, scrying, and interpreting signs as you discover the important lessons the fae can teach us.