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Closed Friday July 1st for Canada Day
Closed Friday July 1st for Canada Day

Big Book of Angel Stories

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A beautiful compilation of angel stories bringing hope, guidance, and reassurance. Do I have an angel? Does my angel care about me? How can I contact my angel? Can my angel help and guide me? In this book, much-loved angel author Jenny Smedley brings together a collection of her most moving and powerful stories about the angels. Packed with tales of angel encounters, both dramatic and everyday, this book should convince everyone who reads it that every single person really does have a guardian angel. The book includes true stories of people who have received messages from the angels, who have had angelic visitations, or have had their prayers to the angels answered.

Jenny shows that the angels can assist us in all areas of life, especially in areas such as healing, fulfillment and success, finding meaning and purpose, finding purpose, forgiveness, finding faith, and letting go. Jenny shows the many different ways that the angels communicate with us and the signs that they may give us.

If you love angels, love reading about other people's experiences with them, and would like to know how to have better communication with yours, this is the book you need.