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Use Code BFCM20 at check out to receive your 20% off from Friday November 26th - Monday November 29th
Use Code BFCM20 at check out to receive your 20% off from Friday November 26th - Monday November 29th

Vision Board Manifestation Spell

Wicked Good Florida Water
Affirmation Candle Success
Blessed Herbal Oil Happiness
Witches Union Patch Crown of Success
Poster Board or Cardboard
Pictures of:
what you want
how you want to feel
your ideal environment
thing that inspire you
Play with magazines or the internet looking for images that inspire your creativity.  Look for images that represent what you want in your life, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Find images that remind you of the environment you want to create, people, places, decor, etc.  Cut them out and collect them - have fun with this process.  It may take a few days to collect all the images you want to start with.
Cleanse the board and images you will be using by sprinkling Florida water on your hands and running your hand over the board and papers.  Declare that you are cleansing any attachments you or others have to these things.  Cleanse away your initial expectations by re-anointing your hands with the Florida water and clearing your aura.  Set up your working area and place the Success affirmation candle holder where it won't touch the paper.
Light your candle and say the success affirmation.  Anoint your board and images with the happiness oil.  If possible, put a drop in the glue you are using.  Starting with the crown of success patch, start gluing your images on the board.  This can be simple or complex.  The one rule to creating a vision board is to love and feel what you are gluing to your growing future image.  Talk aloud to the universe what you are manifesting and give it a sustainable time frame.  When you are done, speak aloud the success affirmation one more time and attach the label onto the back of your board.  Light the candle every day while you recommit to the vision you are creating.  Once the candle is fully consumed, start writing down what has manifested on the back of the board.