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Rocks & Crystals Available

I can't always put everything we carry on line but here is a list if you are looking for stuff that is not on the site.  I will update this often.

If you have a request please feel free to call the store or drop us an email.

- Geometric sets in amethyst, rose quartz, green aventurine, moonstone, assorted stone, chakra, black tourmaline, golden healer quartz, quartz crystal

- Large geometric sets in amethyst, quartz crystal

Ajo Quartz:
Amethyst: Cathedrals, Chevron, Clusters, spheres, points, tumbled, candle holders,  geometric sets, hearts, merkaba, slices, skulls, travelers skull, Vera Cruz tumbled, Vera Cruz points,
Abalone shell:  Slices,
Actinolite: tumbled,
Aventurine: blue, green, red, white, tumbled, rough, top polished
Aragonite:  Pink, Blue, Brown, Orange, White
Agate: pyramids, tumbled, sphere, zayamara,
Agnitite Quartz:
Amazez Azetulite:
fossil, mineral
tumbled, points,
: tumbled, sphere, points,
Andalusite cross stone
Angel Aura:
tumbled, clusters, points, pink angel aura,
Angel Phantom Quartz:
palm stone, sphere, egg, tumbled, pyramid,
Apache Tear:  Raw, Tumbled
Apophylite: cluster, points,
Apple Aura: points
Aqua Aura:  points, spheres, clusters, tumbled
Aquamarine:  rough, tumbled, points, sphere
Black Moonstone
Botrodyl Hematite:
Cerrucite: on byrite
Calcite:  Clusters, Dog's Tooth, Coboltan Slabs, Red, White, Orange, Green, Blue, Pink, Angel Wing,
Cinnabar:  in opal, tumbled
Copper:  ore slabs,
Citrine: natural, tumbled, points, clusters, Zambia Citrine, Congo Citrine
Chrysacolla:  tumbled, rough,
Danburite:  pink,
Dioptase: polished in matrix,
Desert Rose Gypsum:
Fairy Stones:
Geodes:  Moroccan, Agate, Dyed Agate, Bookends,
Golden Healer Quartz:
Halite: pink clusters,|
Hematoid Quartz:
Healerite:  rough, tumbled,
Labradorite: pebbles, top polished, points, spheres, palm stone, pyramids,
Lepidolite: purple, tumbled, rough,
Mystic Merlinite: tumbled, sphere,
Obsidian: scrying plates, bars, mirror,
Opal:  purple pyramid, tumbled, green,
Pyrite: clusters, egg, hearts,
Petrified Wood:  tumbled, larger samples,
Quartz Crystal: clusters, tumbled, points,pyramids, Girasol Quartz, Egg,
Rose Quartz: tumbled, points, rough, top polished, spheres, pyramids, Egg,
Rainbow Moonstone: tumbled, sphere, obelisk, pyramids,
Shungite:  towers, vogel wands, shapes, super shungite,
Selenite:  sticks, candle holder, spirals, lamps, generator points, cylinders, charging plates, towers s/m/l, hearts, worry stones, shapes, tumbled, rulers, wands, eggs, spheres, angels|
Shiva eye Agates
Shiva Linghams
Spirit Quartz: purple, citrine, white,
Super 7: tumbled, polished,
Tourmaline:  green on matrix, pink on matrix, black, tumbled, pebbles, pyramids, spheres,
Tiffany Stone: tumbled, samples
Tiger's Eye: tumbled, rough, top polished, red, blue, brown, pyramids,