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Rho Presents An Introduction to Protection

Spend an afternoon learning useful and essential tools to protect from negative energy, cleanse away unwanted energy that has accumulated throughout the day and also, how to cleanse and protect your home.  Negative energy can occur in different forms and most times is not intentional or conjured; however, an example of how negativity could occur is chatting on the phone and the conversation is heavy or straining, you most likely will begin to feel drained afterwards; when someone expresses jealousy and of course, gossiping is never a good thing.  Attacks from negative spirits are never pleasant, but we do have the ability to ward off these unpleasant beings.    

This course is designed to help you feel more empowered to remove unwanted energy safely in your life and home.  We will conduct hands on practice in this course.  Regain your confidence and energy back.  You have the ability to do it!