Reader Kelly


Psychic Mediumship or Angel Guidance Reading $50.00+hst per half hour
Energy Shifting $55+hst per half hour
Kelly is a natural psychic medium with strong empathic & healing abilities.  From a very young age she has been deeply connected with Mother Earth and has been communicating with Spirits, Angels, Archangels and Spirit Guides in order to heal the hearts of those who have come to her.  She is a natural empath with remarkable clairvoyant abilities.  With these abilities she can connect to your loved ones who have passed on and gently validate their messages.  Come with questions or wait to hear the messages spirit feels is best for you.  Kelly can also connect with your higher levels of energy, to help you understand the path you have taken, and what has influenced you along the way. She provides clear and accurate messages and guidance to help you move forward with a clear heart, and to achieve the best possible outcomes for your highest good.  Optional topics to focus on are: relationship, health, career/life purpose.
Energy Shifting- Kelly is a talented empathic energy healer, shifter & certified Reiki Practitioner.  She can feel and assess the energy surrounding your emotional, mental & physical bodies, Kelly will make suggestions and gently "shift" your energy for your highest possible good, healing and to better assist you in your daily life. This is a fun and exciting healing treatment that will amaze you!  Kelly is a very loving and compassionate person who can truly make others around her feel at ease. She radiates positive energy and love, and loves to pass those feelings on to all those around her. She looks forward to the opportunity to connect to spirit for you, in God's white light, and for your highest good.

Wednesday August 7th, 28th  10am-4pm
Wednesday August 21st 12pm-7pm
Thursday August  22nd 12pm-7pm
Thursday August 8th 10am-3pm
Thursday August 29th 10am-4pm
Friday August 9th, 30th 12pm-8pm
Friday August 23rd 10am-3pm
Wednesday September 4th, 18th, 25th   10am-4pm
Wednesday September 11th 12pm-7pm
Thursday September 5th, 19th, 26th 10am-4pm
Thursday September 12th 12pm-7pm
Friday September 6th, 13th 10am-4pm
Friday September 20th, 27th  12pm-8pm
Saturday September 28th 10am-2pm
Sunday September 29th 12pm-5pm


Our mission is to provide you with a reading with a psychic medium, or to aid you in learning more about your spirituality. We will do our best to see you through a positive guidance.  However, if you are requesting information relating to a professional matter we suggest that you seek advice from a relevant expert.


Legal Matters - legal practitioners
Medical Matters - Health Professional
Business Questions - Financial Advisor/ Accountant


Earthworks will not be held liable for any stress or loss of income caused by any persons or events incurred in the process of providing a service to the client.  Please note that psychic/tarot/oracle readings do not constitute legal, financial, or professional advice.  By engaging in a reading with any psychic you adhere to the fact that they do not diagnose illness, including questions pertaining to pregnancy and death and waive all ability to file a law suit against either Earthworks or the Practitioner.