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Reader Gagan

Gagan Bhateja

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 Sunday January  19th  12pm-5pm
Saturday February 8th, 29th 10am-6pm
Sunday February 2nd, 23rd 12pm-5pm


 Natal Chart Session
General life reading including health, finances, career, family, relationship and spirituality
$80+hst  per 1.5 hour

Specific domain of life
An examination of the one specific area of life that you want to explore in more depth.  i.e. your career, your life purpose, or your spiritual path
$70+hst per hour

Annual Forecast
Exploring the trend for the next 12 months, understanding the smooth or challenging periods that lie ahead.
$60+hst per hour

Hypnosis - Stress Relief
$80+hst per hour

Hypnosis - Past Life Regression
$150+hst per 1.5 hours


I invite you to an exiting journey of self discovery. With the help of Vedic astrology and spiritual hypnosis you can discover your life purpose and learn about the energies that influence your life.

I am Gagan M. Bhateja and i shall be your guide on this inner journey.

I invite you to an exiting journey of self discovery. With the help of Vedic astrology and spiritual understanding you can discover your life purpose and learn about the energies that influence your life.

I am Gagan, from a very young age i have been a seeker of the Vedic way of life, although i trained and gained expertise in the technical field and went on to hold many a Managerial positions through my career, the pull of the Vedic way of life only grew stronger with the passage of time.

I have been practicing Vedic astrology along with Hypnosis since the past 6 years and I shall be your guide on this inner journey.


Vedic Astrology or Jyotish Vidya originated from the Vedas, the ancient Sanskrit scriptures of India. It can help us acquire a deep & profound understanding of life and consciousness. Some say Astrology is the science of stars, some say it is an Art by which the future, past and present of a person can be understood. Yet in simple terms “Astrology can be explained as life’s interactions with planetary vibrations”.

Nothing in the world exists in isolation. Everything is interconnected. Our relationship with the stars reflects our relationship with our environment. It can reveal the secrets of our psyche and of our inner self.

Astrology shows us the cosmic source and background for the forces working in any field of operation.

 It brings the understanding of the energies within us and gives us tools to harmonize the inner and outer world.

 A certain Karma exists in every moment of time relative to the forces operating during that specific time period.

Therefore, we can read the pattern of our lives in the form of planetary positions, just as the nature of the plant can be discovered in the seed from which it springs..


Spiritual hypnosis is a journey into the deeper levels non-physical self, our higher self.

A higher awareness can guide a person to what his soul needs to explore, understand, learn & let go . This is to your benefit . It is an aspect of your consciousness that goes beyond your waking, ordinary ego consciousness; an aspect that can access certain kind of wisdom not available during normal consciousness. It witnesses your experiences in an objective and non -judgmental fashion while maintaining its orientation towards higher values, life purpose, healthy emotional and mental development and spiritual qualities.

Your higher Self, a spiritual and wise infinite aspect of your consciousness, can be directly accessed and engaged as the inner healer in the hypnosis process.

The healing received during Spiritual hypnosis is multi-dimensional in the sense that it heals your mind, body & soul, providing you with a meaningful existence in this universe.

You do not need to believe in any religion or god for Spiritual hypnosis, all you need is a willingness to explore the wealth of wisdom that lies within us, waiting to be discovered.

It is a wonderful experience at the same time a very empowering journey to self-discovery.

Spiritual hypnosis pertains to our spirit, our Soul. It is a journey into your deeper non-physical self, your higher self.


Vedic Astrology, American Institute of Vedic Sciences

Certified consulting Hypnotist, National Guild of Hypnotist’s

Certified Metaphysical Hypnotist, Ontario Hypnosis Center School





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