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Blessed Herbal Candle Protection
Hoodoo Motor City Oil Fiery Wall of Protection
Black salt in a clear bowl
Open pair of scissors

Light the protection candle 3 hours before bedtime and walk it through the room.  Circle each window with the flame sealing it from negative energies entering.  Anoint the windows, air vents and door with the Fiery Wall of Protection oil.

Place 5 drops of oil in the black salt and place the burning candle in the salt until bedtime.  At bedtime, extinguish the candle, remove it from the salt and place the bowl under the head of your bed.  Open the scissor and place them with the points around the salt bowl and towards the head of the bed.

Anoint the back of your neck with oil as well as the 4 legs of your bed and lay down for a restful night's sleep.  In the morning, pull out the salt and scissors and place them in the daylight to cleanse.  Repeat this process every night for 5 nights.