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Use Code BFCM20 at check out to receive your 20% off from Friday November 26th - Monday November 29th

Money in my pockets spell

Motor City Hoo Doo Money Draw Candle & Oil
Steady Work Candle
High John Candle
$1 Bill
Jar of Pennies
Pocket cut out of an old pair of pants
Sewing Needle
Green of Gold Thread
* For an extra boost, sew a Money Magic Witches Union patch onto your packet*
Cut the pocket out of an old, well-loved pair of pants.  Lay that out on your altar with the $1 bill, the needle and thread, and the jar of pennies.  Place the unwrapped candles in their holders on your altar above your tools.
Bless your altar by anointing all 4 corners.  Place an anointed penny in each direction.  Look to the east and invite a new understanding about money, that is always available.  Look the the West and ask your old limiting beliefs around money to fade into the sunset, making room for a new ideal.  Look to the South and invite in the energy and motivation to make this change.  Look to the North and ask your ancestors to bless you and bring you the wisdom of financial abundance.
Anoint the dollar bill and fold it (toward you) to fit into the pocket.  Place it in the pocket and sew the pocket closed with the thread.  Fold the pocket into a small packet (at least 3 folds towards you).  Place 3 pennies inside and sew it closed on all 4 sides.  Place 3 pennies at the bottom of each candle inside its holder.  Place a few drops of the oil into the jar of pennies and shake it up.  Put the packet on the top of the jar and position the jar in the center of 3 candles.  Light the candles and state:  "Money in the center, money surrounds me, money in my pocket is how it will be.  Money flows in, money flows out, the tide is always in my favor. "  Restate your charm every day for 3 days while you burn your candles (attending them while they are lit).  Place the packet in your wallet and carry it with you every day.  Relight the candles every day until they are consumed.