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Reader Kelsey Coward

Asteria Lilith

(AKA Kelsey Coward)

  Hi, my name is Asteria Lilith (In the Muggle world I go by Kelsey Coward.) Starting at the age of fourteen, when I felt the call to spiritual service, I embarked upon a years-long journey to find the system that would fit who I am. After exploring a variety of mono and polytheistic faiths, I came to understand that I was meant for an Eclectic Pagan practice. I do my absolute best to engage in all my crafts ethically and accessibly. I am certified in several areas of practice, including but not limited to Reiki, Tarot Reading, and Rune Reading. I’ve been through the Nine Shamanic Rites of the Munay Ki and have experience in Shamanic Journeying as well as a variety of Pagan practices. In the future I would like to expand into various forms of therapy and life coaching. I also practice what I call castings and blessings. Some people call them spells, but I prefer to think of them as prayers plus. One of my great passions in life is helping to heal the wounds of not only my clients but also society. I work with ancestral wounds, generational wounds, wounds of the womb, and wounds of the Spirit.  I pull from a variety of lineages and teachings to form a practice that fits me and allows me to help people in the most profound way I can. I seek to help every person in a manner allows them to reenter the world feeling a little bit more love and light.

Services Offered
Reiki $55 +hst per 30 mins
Chakra Balancing $55 +hst per 30 mins
Castings $55 +hst per 30 mins
Tarot Card Reading $50 +hst per 30 mins
Shamanic Journeys $55 +hst per 30 mins
 Monday February 3rd, 10th, 24th  10am-4pm
Wednesday February 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th 10am-2pm
Thursday February 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th  10am-2pm
Reiki is an ancient healing art that uses light touch to allow the Universal Life Force to flow through me to you. Reiki's infinite wisdom goes wherever it is most needed and heals imbalances throughout the various systems in the body.
Chakra Balancing
Sometimes our chakras become unbalanced or clogged with the energetic and spiritual grime we pick up from people around us or our work. A chakra balancing session allows the practitioner to pull out anything that is blocking your chakras from spinning smoothly. I will feel for “hot spots” in your seven chakras and will remove any energetic grime that is there, while replacing it with the white light of the Universal Life Force. This allows your body’s energy to flow more smoothly, allowing for healing of certain illnesses and wounds.
Some people call them blessings, some people call them spells, I prefer to think of them as Prayers Plus. In a casting session, I will ask questions about your wants and needs, and then will craft a prayer with added layers of ceremony and elements that help boost the intent of the prayer. This is a form of ritual that helps to manifest your desires.
Tarot Readings
Tarot readings include the crafting of a question for the cards with you, and there are several ways you are involved in the process of shuffling and cutting the cards. Then I will lay out the cards in an appropriate spread for the question that has been crafted and will interpret them in relation to the question. Sessions can be audio recorded by you to be referred back to later, and a picture of the spread may be taken as well.
Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic journeys are similar to a guided meditation, where you are lead into a relaxed state and you are guided to look inwards for answers to questions you may have, or to find guides that will help you throughout your life. Your conscious mind leaves your body in a sense to go to a higher level of consciousness where you can meet your spiritual guides, your higher self, where you can simply find a safe place within yourself to retreat to whenever you need a break.





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