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Kelly presents: Introduction to the Pendulum


Pendulums are tools that can assist you in obtaining divine guidance and access to your innermost consciousness and intuition.  Using a pendulum can be fun, ease and very exciting.  Once you know the basics, you will be able to use it on your own with great confidence.  In this hands on workshop you will learn:

How to cleanse you pendulum
How to select the right pendulum for you
How to program your pendulum
Basics of getting "yes" and "no" answers
Techniques to get more detailed information

when used correctly and with the right intention you can gain clear and accurate answers to your simple questions.  Come with an open heart and prepare to laugh and have fun!

NOTE:  please bring your own pendulum if you have one, however owning a pendulum is not required for this course.  A variety of pendulums will be provided for the purpose of practice in the workshop.