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Kelly Presents An Introduction to Oracle Cards


An Introduction to Oracle Cards

Many of us already follow our intuition, feelings or “gut instincts”, however sometimes we need clarification on the details to understand the whole picture.  Oracle cards can be used to get answers to specific questions, to validate messages you have already received, or to confirm what your instincts are telling you.  Oracle cards can also be used to uncover details surrounding current situations, future events, and what to expect if you go down a specific path.   All of these approaches are intended to help you better receive, interpret and understand the messages being sent to you, in your highest good.

Oracle cards are tools designed to assist you in communicating with the Universe, God, your Spirit Guides, Angels, Animal Energies, and Elementals.  These cards usually consist of a title, an image, a subtitle (at times) and a message/guidance.  When a card is pulled, the images and messages on the card provide insight, detail and instruction into the areas you are asking about.  The key, is understanding the cards, the messages, and how it fits in with the information you want to know.

When Shopping for an Oracle deck, it is best to take your time and feel which deck you are most drawn to.  There are many different types of decks, from the traditional “Rider-Waite” Tarot deck, to Spirit Guide, Angel Cards, Animal totems, Fairies, Gemstone, Elemental, and Native inspired decks.   

Although there are many different decks available, you may find only a few feel special and interesting to you.  You may feel drawn to a particular deck because of colour, the artwork, familiarity, the messages you receive or simply on how it makes you feel.   

Ultimately the choice is yours, but please listen to your gut instincts.  The whole point is to UNDERSTAND the messages coming to you.  So pick a deck that you naturally resonates with YOU, and start exploring!

Investment:  $65+hst