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Use Code BFCM20 at check out to receive your 20% off from Friday November 26th - Monday November 29th
Use Code BFCM20 at check out to receive your 20% off from Friday November 26th - Monday November 29th

Fear Buster Spell

JULY 2021
Chakra Magic Crown Chakra Answers Candle
Chakra Magic Heart Chakra Healing Candle
Chakra Magic Root Chakra Success Candle
Chakra Magic Solar Plexus Confidence Spray
Paper and crayons or colored markers
Metal Cauldron or Fire safe container
Outdoor Space to work in
Mist the area around you with the Solar Plexus Chakra Spray and claim your empowerment and confidence.  Invite in your divine allies and ask them to hold the space of protection and confidence for you as you bust this fear.
Light the three chakra candles in their holders and place them around you.  Pull out your paper and crayons or markers and start to draw or just colour your feeling of fear.  Write out the words and colour on top of them what the emotion looks like.  Let yourself fall into and feel the moment and instead of holding onto the energy let it flow onto the page. Use as many pages as you needed to get all the emotions about this fear out of you.  As you use up a page, crumple it into a ball to show how small it really is.  When you are done, put all the papers into the cauldron and set it up outside by spraying the area with the Solar Plexus Chakra Confidence spray and placing your burning candles around the cauldron.
Shine the light onto the wadded-up paper.  Look at how small they are in reality, compared to how big your mind and emotions made them.  Let the light create shadows and see how these are only illusions.  Take one of the paper wads and light it from one of the burning candles and put it back in the cauldron.  Watch as all the paper burns to ash.  Once the paper is burnt down and cools, rub the ash through your fingers and see how your fears are no longer, they are transformed into ash.  On a fresh piece of paper, dip your fingers into the ash and write out the words that mean you are free of your fear and transformed in your emotions.  Place the paper in your journal and look at it often.