Erika Presents a Full Moon Ceremony

This Full Moon Ceremony will provide you a peace of mind with your soul and divine creation. It enables you to take your own power back step by step to release what have been hurting you emotionally that also can manifest into our physical body from the emotional body. We understand our soul purpose and that is Love. We recreate our love for ourselves and for others in harmonious ways. We learn to release and forgive our past in the present moment. We surrender to the highest good for ourselves to help us move forward in our lives. Forgiving what is/was means we release the burden of the soul that we have been carrying along with the past that helps us make wiser decisions in the now.

During the workshop, handouts will be given where I will walk you through with step by step instructions that you can do at home as well. Also a 10 minute meditation will be assisting you to clear the emotional body and prepare you for the great transition of your life. Channeled messages, aura cleansing meditation, tips on detox bath, cleansing rituals for body, house and stones will be provided as well.