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Divine Channeling : Channeled Workshop

I will be assisting you with my spirit guides on your journey of your own inner channeling light, vision and sounds. We will practice the Divine Laws associating with channeling the Holy truth within your soul. Create peace within the light of your inner being with guided meditation, experience channeling through practice in a group of like minded people, find out some of the stones and crystals that can help you enhance your channeling power and intuition. Channeling your Higher Self or Spirit Guides helps you to make the right decisions in your life, receive loving and reassuring messages in loving guidance from the Divine. I will give everyone handouts based on the teachings that can be taken home.

Hope to see you there :)


What we will be doing during the workshop:


Guided meditation

Practicing the Divine Laws

Group exercise

Group channeling by me

Feel free to share any experiences at the end of the workshop